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Welcome to The DeathNote's Story! The DeathNote's Story is an RPG forum where you can be your favorite character from the manga(DeathNote), or make your own! Take A look around, feel free to advertise your RP forum here, or join us! We are guest friendly~
~~Amane Misa Character needed~~

The DeathNote's Story...

You found a deathnote! What do you do? Live it on, it's yours now.
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 Shinigami Template

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PostSubject: Shinigami Template   Sun May 02, 2010 9:21 pm

Shinigami Sign Up
Name: [Insert character's name here]
Age: [Insert Character's age here; For a shinigami it has to be over 100+]
Sex: [Insert weather your character is a male or female]
Apperance: [Insert how your shinigami looks]
Deathnote Apperance: [What does his/her deathnote look like, even if a human allready owns it]
Shinigami Name: [What is his/her shinigami's name?]
Shinigami Sex: [Is his/her shinigami a male or female?]
Personality: [Insert how your character acts here]
History: [Write a history 3 or over paragraps of your shinigami & what he/she does most of the time]
Supports: [Does he/she support Kira or L? It can go undecided if needed.]
Likes: [Insert what he/she like here]
Dislikes: [Insert what he/she dislikes here]
Knowledge: /10
Conceptualization Power: /10
Will to act: /10
Motivation: /10
Social Skills: /10
(there is no requirements, but if you add up Knowledge and Conceptualization your max social skills can be whats left out of 20. if you have 8 and 9, it will be 17/20 - making your max social skills 3/10)

Just copy & paste this on your character sheet, but make your own on a diffrant thread please[b]
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Shinigami Template
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